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Recent UFO Activity.
Increase in sightings in 2008 (Covered on CNN)
UFO's spotted in California, Arizona, Colorado
and Texas.
Canadian Government Admits Aliens Here !
Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer
speaks about USA having Alien Technology and
using it in wars and against extraterrestials.   
Abductee gives 911 Prophecy in 1994
Alex Collier Videos - (1994) 120 minute Interview
Alex Collier selected by an Alien Race to reveal
to the world the hidden truth about their visitation
to Earth. Alex gives insight to some of their
agendas and states in the Interview (Video 3) that
makind must make a probable change by August
2001. A possible 911 Conspiracy ? 

Former Canadian Defense Minister     
Paul Hellyer speaks out about USA    
involvement and possible Conspiracy
with Extraterrestials  .

National Press Club
Alien Disclosure

UFO's and Human Evolution

Alex Collier - Famous abductee
film from 1994.  Alex speaks on 
Polar Shift, Global Warming,
NWO, Alien Influence, and  a
possible 911 conspiracy
We have linked videos together
(120 min) on Autopay 


CNN Reports UFO Activity