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Orion Braunea of the SIP



  After recent economical events we see videos like these making a huge comeback after nearly ten years, since the initial interview.  What's even more interesting is the comeback at the same time of a surge in UFO activity in California, Arizona and Texas in the beginning months of 2008.  Seen on CNN search youtube ( CNN UFO 2008 ) .  If you note,  in the Videos there are may parts of the story that directly link to other rumors of Demon,  Alien,  Angel and Paranormal Experiences that have been making the headlines through Paranormal Radio and Internet Broadcasts.  For example this subject has stated that the Draco ( lizard like entities )  are anywhere from 13 to 22 feet in heigth.

  This is the same heigth that Red Elk ( Medicine Man of the Black Foot Nation ) has described for us when giving a brief description of Lucifer. These stories also match in that the Draconians are a Cannibalistic Race and very much involved with the sacrifice of human children and women.  The similarities between many ancient cultural prophecies,  religions,  psychic prophecies to the release of information from modern day past governmental employees all line up perfectly.  Are these videos the ranting of a madman ?  I guess we'll see.